Concussion Management Clinic

The gift from the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation will support new research capabilities in the area of concussion management for UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine doctors.

Already known as internationally recognized experts and pioneers in concussion management, the added resources will allow the UBMD Ortho physicians to better assess patients and teach the future orthopedists.

The University at Buffalo maintains a Concussion Management Clinic, which provides evaluation and treatment for individuals suffering from a recent concussion and from post-concussion syndrome.

The UBMD Ortho physicians are the most experienced in Western New York for evaluating patients with concussion and developing a safe return-to-activity (sport or work) program. For those who experience prolonged symptoms after concussion, called post-concussion syndrome, UBMD Ortho’s novel, scientifically-validated treatment approach has been shown to be safe and effective for reducing symptoms and returning patients to their usual activities. It uses a carefully constructed exercise program tailored specifically to each patient.

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